July 20th, 2012

Opinions are annoying!

It’s not in character for me to respond this swiftly and comprehensively to a random troll, but this is something I get frequently whenever the topic of conversation wanders from iPhones and Galaxy S IIIs to heavier issues. I need to address it.

I’m not a “tech blogger,” I’m a person. Like most people, I hold opinions on a wide variety of topics, related both to technology and to other things, too! I have favorite foods. I like certain musicians more than others. And yes, I hold political views. You can expect me to voice my opinions from time to time.

If you don’t agree with something I tweet, you have a number of logical and very fair options available to you. You can unfollow me, for instance. You can ignore the tweets you don’t like. You can engage me in debate in a civilized way. (Healthy debate, I believe, is one of our most important tools as a society — it’s how you suss out the good points, stay sharp, and get things done.)

What you can’t do is tell me to “stick to tech.” I’m not a bot. When we stop caring enough to voice our thoughts and to hear the thoughts of others — all of us, not just those I personally agree with — that’s when we really have to start to worry.

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