September 13th, 2012

Chicago journalists and technologists: let’s get together

No one outside of Chicago really believes there’s any tech scene here. We, of course, know better — and it’s gotten hotter in recent years thanks to Tech Cocktail, Techweek, 1871, and many others. It’ll get stronger still once Motorola Mobility completes its move to Merchandise Mart next year.

I’m not exactly sure what I’m pitching yet, but I’ve long felt that there’s room for some sort of monthly gathering of the minds in this city — Chicago-based journalists in tech and people making great products, meeting at a bar, passing around gadgets, talking about stuff. Maybe there are some pitches and presentations involved, maybe there aren’t. Maybe we just throw darts and play poker. (Note that this wouldn’t be anything related to The Verge.)

Am I making sense? If you’re in the Chicago area, drop me a comment with any ideas or thoughts that you have.

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